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Because oDd is more than wOw

About Odds n Castles

ODDS N TOTES by Odds n Castles believes bags that are odd, out of the norm are worth turning our heads and more than our second look. So, we dream and chase after the quirky and wacky in the world of bags. Yes, bags that are helplessly gorgeous. We like to create statement pieces that add personality and character to people and space, so we design bags, totes, carriers, pouches that stand out and are more than a dash of the daring, and share creations that are bolder than the bold, cuter than the cute, prettier than the pretty, funnier than the funny, odder than the odd.

Be different. Be odd. Because being different is more than okay, and being odd is more than wow.

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Our Casserole Carriers, Jumbo Zippered Pouches, Essential Oil Bag, Yoga Bag, Plastic Bag Holder, Fun Laundry Bag, Small Floral Embroidered Organza Bags

Pretty strange things by ODDS N TOTES

Dare to be different with ODDS N TO

Dare to be different with ODDS N TOTES

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Stay odd with ODDS N TOTES

Stay Weird with ODDS N TOTES

Pretty strange bags by ODDS N TOTES

Unique and gorgeous bags by ODDS N TOTES

Pretty odd bags by ODDS N TOTES

Stay weird with ODDS N TOTES

ODDS N TOTES Makes it Worth the While


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Wondrous gifts for Christmas from ODDS N TOTES!